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Visual Art is an integral part of marketing in our society. Every television or print advertisement you watch, billboard you see, website you open, magazine you read, packaged product you buy, clothes that you wear, photographs or paintings against your wall, sculptures you admire . . .  was created by a visual artist. Digital media and advertising, as well as the Internet, are powerful forces in society and have a strong influence on consumer behaviour. That is why there is such a need for skilled and creative visual artists.
Job prospects in the fields of Visual Arts are constantly increasing due to:

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Me and Christine, over many visits to Nieu Bethesda, fell in love with the dorpie, the valley, the energy and above all - the people.

In the year 2019, after concluding my annual Creative Photography workshop in Nieu Bethesda, our Land Rover wanted us to stay another 10 days.
We met fantastic people inhabiting this valley (some whiteys and many coloureds) who re-affirmed our view of this jewel of the Karoo. We had good kuiers (with the most hospitable people in the universe), great beer and food.
We were constantly aware of Helen Martin’s owls and perhaps ghost, which emanates from The Owl House and spread throughout the village when walking through the streets. Visits to the township were forced since oom Jim was the best place to buy whiskey and beer (he even had Christine’s cheap terrible sweet wine). Oom Jim curiously does not allow pregnant ladies to drink in his shebeen, a man of principle.


Here, kaalvoet children still play in the dusty roads, chickens duck from soccer balls kicked by wannabe Bafanna Bafanna’s, lazy dogs are the supporters.
The unique beauty of the valley, the people, the history and culture got us to understand why Athol Fugard (along with many other well known artists) made this his favourite retreat - a number of houses belonged to him, his wife’s Buddhist library is still accounted for.
All about Nieu Bethesda shouts “South African Culture!”

An annual PSSA congress at ‘The Centre of the Universe’ as the locals believe Nieu Bethesda to be, is long overdue...

Hein Waschefort.

2021 PSSA Nat Congress at Nieu-Bethesda Sun 26 Sep. to Sat 2 Oct