Nieu Bethesda - Hein Waschefort


Hein Waschefort - Impressionist morning -
taken in and around Nieu Bethesda

Two Goats Deli

Johan Brits - Early morning the people on
their way to work in Nieu Bethesda


Laetitia Kenny‎ - Lady with lillies


Nieu Bethesda - Hein Waschefort

Steve Casting - On location


Martin Dudley - Electric


Hein Waschefort - Jake Gun


Nieu Bethesda - Hein Waschefort


Visual Art is an integral part of marketing in our society. Every television or print advertisement you watch, billboard you see, website you open, magazine you read, packaged product you buy, clothes that you wear, photographs or paintings against your wall, sculptures you admire . . .  was created by a visual artist. Digital media and advertising, as well as the Internet, are powerful forces in society and have a strong influence on consumer behaviour. That is why there is such a need for skilled and creative visual artists.
Job prospects in the fields of Visual Arts are constantly increasing due to:

To this end, VSS offers:

With VSS qualifications you can follow a career as:




Guided by Francois/Johan (scapes), Gus/Johann/Willem (PJ) or on your own.

The village and surroundings are yours: white pear blossoms all over the village, running horses, locals going to work and children to school.

You also have a week pass to enter the Owl House as you wish.

Scrumptious Farm Breakfast

prepared by the tannies of the village at the local Tennis Club.

Morning Lectures

are presented by top PSSA photographers, these lectures will be in support of afternoon and evening activities. Some of our celebrated lecturers are: Francois Roux MPSSA, Johan Brits FPSSA, Gus Waschefort FPSSA, Hein Waschefort MPSSA, Laetitia Kenny MPSSA, Hanli Smit APSSA, Willem Daffue FPSSA, Martin Dudley MPSSA, Jill Sneesby MPSSA and Steve Castings.

Lunch on own account.

Visit one of the many eat-outs in the village or have snacks at your lodge, guest house, self-catering accommodation, camp site or have snacks and beer at the popular Brewery and Two Goats Deli.

Afternoon Workshops

are introduced by a lecture and followed by practical workshops. There are 4 different workshops for each of the 5 afternoons allowing for all delegates to be able to attend all 4 lectures in small groups. Skip a workshop and do your own thing, like a visit to the Valley of Desolation and Kamdebo Nature Reserve.

Landscape Workshop
Landscape Workshops will be conducted by Francois and/ or Johan in and around the village until sunset and early in the mornings (sunrise).

Studio & Available light Portrait

will be conducted by Laetitia, Hanli and Steve Castings in designated studios. This will reduce groups to even smaller numbers. We will import great models for these workshops.

Hein will attemt to steal a model or two to do some afternoon outdoor shoots with his popular "post-appocolyptic" theme.

Godox studio light Fashion

Steve Casting enjoys teaching through his Academy in South Africa.
Steve has been published in a wide variety of International Magazines on his HSS & ND Filter Techniques Made Easy for all Photographers!
Even though Steve is widely known on Social Media Platforms for his Glamour Work, his Commercial Photography extends to Brand Campaigns for PPC Cement, Gold Reef City, Africology and Fila South Africa.
Steve has proudly represented his Brand on the Main Stage of Photo & Video Expo’s as well as all the Admired in Africa Events across the Nation.


PJ & Street Photography

will be conducted by Gus, Johann and Willem, group will be divided into three to reduce groups to even smaller numbers. This is a must do cultural experience in the township. Apart from kids playing soccer in the dirt roads, we will visit Oom Jim’s Shibeen, Antie Evelyne Se Eetplek and buy vetkoek from street vendors. Our PJ Workshop will last till sunset and resume early in the mornings.

Photoshop Magic

a full afternoon with the master himself Mr.Martin Dudley, and or Hein, pushing editing to new limits. In a conference style setting.

We will look at new Photoshop tricks and treats and also the traps when building and editing multi-layered images. An inter active session will be held on where does inspiration come from.


delegates will rotate for all to have a night out at each of four chosen eat-outs:
1) Bush-Braai at the Beer Brewery and Two Goats Deli with live music, by the Jake Gunn Band, allowing for great PJ opportunities.
2) Tot Hier - Lamb spit braai and offal on a real farm setting with an extensive farm stall.
3) Ian’s Street Braai Potjies, the greatest potjies in the Karoo on the Main Road of Nieu Bethesda.
4) Die Waenhuis Restaurant for a proper 3 course Karoo sit-down.

Night photography.

Star trails, ghosts moving around town. Play with light in a unique way working with local models.

Guided by Hein and Johann, Johann being the star trail expert, or on your own.