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Tutorials and lectures by Hein Waschefort with reference images for 'self study’

By clicking on thumb nail next to pdf icon a large image will open which you can save in Photoshop to use for the tutorial

Note that these tutorials have copy right and are meant for private study only

1. Cross screen...

2. Back- light 3. Saturation 4. Sharpen...Hein Waschefort

5. Focus Stacking...Hein WaschefortHein WaschefortHein WaschefortHein Waschefort

6. Soft focus...Hein Waschefort

7. Creative layers...Hein WaschefortHein Waschefort

8. Workflow for beginners...Hein Waschefort

9. Monochrome , skin tones, going warm, fix burn

10. Green screenHein Waschefort

11. Borders...Hein Waschefort

12. Light effects...Hein Waschefort

13. Pop art...Hein Waschefort

14. Dispersion...Hein Waschefort

15. Sketch it...

16. Layers and Masks...Hein Waschefort - Multi port 1ssHein Waschefort - Multi port 2ssHein Waschefort - Multi port 3ss