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Hein Waschefort - Shadow children 2010-3

Between main road and rail road- 4 June 2010 - my first visit to this informal settlement on the outskirts of Pretoria – foreground is pedlar with fruit sweets and cigarettes’ to sell to passing traffic on main road – behind her is a beer hall and rooms where prostitutes offer their services – in the far background is a pedestrian bridge crossing the railway– this bridge is out of service and used as a toilet for the people of this informal settlement.


Hein Waschefort - Shadow children 2010-2




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Shadow Children: Life and Strife: 2010

All photos and story by Hein Waschefort 2016

Hein Waschefort - Shadow children 2010-1

Here are children - 4 June 2010 – washing lines in and around settlement shows evidence of children’s presence , I later observed that during the week children will not be seen but on Sundays the parents will pay attention to them and they happily play around the rooms of which some  are used by the prostitutes delivering their services.





Winter Warmth –Behind the settlement under a tree next to the railway line these two Basotho children, sitting on an old pouf chair, were heating themselves at a small fire. It is winter in South Africa. These children I came to call the shadow children. I never saw these children again, hopefully the parents got work in the city and moved to a better place for the sake of the children.









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