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Hein Waschefort - Shadow children 2011-2

People from far – 29 January 2011 – Sannie, below with daughter Christina, behind her is her husband Jan and friend. This ‘San’ family(Bushman descendants) were lured to Pretoria – by an employer, with promises which never materialised, from Prieska a small Karoo town which is more than 800 kilometers away. Sannie is posing with a bottle of beer which they were sharing at 7:40 in the morning. Alcoholism and prostitution in this community is openly apparent. This lifestyle is regarded as normal and is the only reference with which the young children (shadow children) grow up. Group posed and interacted with photographer.

Hein Waschefort

In the shadow – 7 May 2011 – Kori is a young boy who is always in the vicinity of the older men without being seen or taken notice of, a true ‘shadow child’. Subject is aware of photographer’s presence.

Hein Waschefort - Shadow children 2011-5



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Shadow Children: Life and Strife: 2011

All photos and story by Hein Waschefort 2016

Hein Waschefort - Shadow children 2011-1

Passed out – 29 January 2011 – A man who had too much to drink the previous night passed out in front of the shibeen (beer hall) and was still sleeping in the heat of the sun the following day. Photo taken of subject as found.

Hein Waschefort - Shadow children 2011-4

Leaving the house – 7 May 2011 – Toddler leaves the room early in morning for mother to prepare and conduct her business from this room. The young boy will meet with friends and gather at railway lines behind the settlement where they will play for the rest of the day, not to be seen by the grownups. Subjects are aware of photographer.







The oldest profession – 15 July 2011 – Mollatso (on left) and friends stand beat outside shibeen in order to pick up customers. Subjects interacted with photographer.










Hein Waschefort