hein waschefort

Hein Waschefort

My dependant – 16 March 2013 - Mothers are keen to show non-customers their children hoping for sympathy and perhaps a donation. Subject interacts with photographer.

Hein Waschefort - Shadow children 2013-3

On a rainy Saturday – 16 March 2013 - Baby in muddy backyard while mother is doing washing during the rainy season.  Over weekends, in the morning, most of the mothers take time do washing, care for and spend some time with their children. Subjects aware of photographer.

Hein Waschefort - Shadow children 2013-5

Fighting the cold – 21 July  2013 – Residents of informal settlement join around a konga (drum with holes in which fire is made for heat and boiling water) warming up on a cold Sunday morning behind the  shibeen. Subject is aware of photographer.

Hein Waschefort

Where am I going – 11 August  2013 –Young Cathrine on right already has a tell-tale stance and attitude standing next to the shibeen.  This is the only water supply for the entire informal settlement. The bridge (overhead railway crossing) in the background acts as a toilet facility for the adults. Subject is aware of photographer.

Hein Waschefort - Shadow children 2013-9

Are you interested – 20 October 2013 –Although many residents of the settlement have been there for a couple of years, some come and go. This woman was there for a very short time and never seen or heard of again. Subject is aware of photographer.

Hein Waschefort - Shadow children 2013-11



2016 hein waschefort

Shadow Children: Life and Strife: 2013

This was the year I decided to make this photo-essay a long term project - All photos and story by Hein Waschefort 2016

Hein Waschefort - Shadow children 2013-2

He ain’t heavy he is my cousin – 16 March 2013 - The older looks after the younger, Nanontha taking care of her younger cousin Junior. Nanontha, still a child, has the responsibility of looking after a much younger cousin while their mothers are working. Subjects aware of photographer.

Hein Waschefort - Shadow children 2013-4

Story telling washing line – 16 March 2013 -  Women clothing and especially ‘teasing’ underwear are modern, fashionable and clean. In background in dark room are some ‘shadow’ children. This informal settlement has no electricity or any ablution facility. Photo taken of subject as found.

Hein Waschefort - Shadow children 2013-6

My world – 11 August  2013 – Junior with cookie in hand behind shibeen where rubbish is dumped right next to rooms and living area for no regard as to health and stench. This is again a terrible reference for this child growing up, which will put him at a huge disadvantage should he ever try to fit into a normal society. The children also use this area as their toilet and one must tread carefully should you wish to walk to the railway lines. Subject is not aware of photographer.

Hein Waschefort - Shadow children 2013-10

My backyard – 20 October 2013 –NKanyiso was fascinated with me and the camera and followed me wherever I went when I visited the settlement, even in the rain. Subject is aware of photographer.



















A penny for your thoughts – 10 November 2013 –Pregnant Thuthe daydreaming early on a Sunday morning. The number of small children in this settlement is disproportionately high compared to adults and mothers. It could perhaps be because contraceptives are often not used. Although the contraceptive prevalence rate (CPR) in South Africa is comparable to rates globally, inequalities in CPR affect poor and rural women. There is a great aversion to the use of contraceptives in rural areas. Subject is aware of photographer.

Hein Waschefort