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Hein Waschefort - Shadow children 2016-1

Good news – 12 June 2016 –  This roadside community has extended their income, apart from its beer hall, prostitution and roadside stalls, it now collects compress cans for recycling to sell at a scrap-metal dealer across the road.

Hein Waschefort - Shadow children 2016-6

More good news – 12 June 2016 – After many years of using the area around the shacks, and the pedestrian bridge crossing the railway, as a toilet the community now boast with a single toilet in an open area next to railway.


Hein Waschefort - Shadow children 2016-4




2016 hein waschefort

Shadow Children: Life and Strife: 2016

All photos and story by Hein Waschefort 2016

Hein Waschefort - Shadow children 2016-5

The contrast– 12 June 2016 – Metal cans have now got a financial value and will be collected. However, pollution is rife on the doorstep of this community. Rubbish piles up within meters of the make-shift houses with an unbearable stench.


Hein Waschefort

The bathroom– 12 June 2016 – On a cold winter morning children will bath outside, under the pedestrian bridge, in a plastic tub with cold water.




All  is not well – 12 June 2016 – As much as things seem to change, much is still the same. There are still destitute lonely ‘shadow’ children lost in this small world.



Hein Waschefort